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The South Asia Speaks Masterclass brings the brightest minds in the literary arts to our virtual classroom for a discussion on craft. The Masterclass is hosted by South Asia Speaks mentors and is a one of a kind opportunity for fellows to interact directly with writers who have influenced our generation.


City on Fire
by Zeyad Masroor Khan

The slope was red with bricks and blood. More bricks dropped from the sky like missiles. Once in a while, a bottle of acid or a petrol bomb made its presence felt among the variety of objects being hurled. Amid the clash of religious slogans and verbal abuses, gunshots were heard. The riot was at its zenith – and my home lay exactly in the middle of it.


Anger rose in the hearts of men flooding the streets. ‘Har har Mahadev!’ they shouted... continue reading


by Atharva Pandit


Everything in front of her was blue and green, golden and bright. The air was pleasant and crisp except for the whiff of cow dung, which did not bother Anisha all that much, not as much as the cow dung itself – splattered on the road, there for the entire day until the cleaners arrived late in the evening and scooped it up. Anisha, eldest of three sisters, always wanted everything ... continue reading

Amar Babar Bagan
by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar,
translated from English by Suchismita Ghosh


The Abyss
by Jeyamohan,
translated from the Tamil by Suchitra Ramachandran


Pothivelu Pandaram swayed as he got up. He steadied himself for a second by gripping the wooden frame around the bed from which the mosquito net hung. Once his dizziness passed, he groped his way along the wall to the right to fetch the matchbox he usually kept in the crescent-shaped hollow gouged into the wall, when his foot made contact with a small copper water-pot at ... continue reading

Stories of the True
by Jeyamohan,
translated from the Tamil by Priyamvada Ramkumar

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